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Innovation and teamwork create outstanding landscapes and fuel our growth at Paramount. With 120 employees and growing, we service you with a core team in the office and professional teams on site charged with making your vision a reality. When you choose Paramount, you know your job will be expertly managed from start to finish for superior quality, service and price. No other company delivers turnkey pool and landscape projects like Paramount. Please take a moment to look through the list of our dedicated team members and see the rolls that they fulfill within the company.

Ross Gregory

Vice-President - Owner

Bob M. Argento

Vice-President - Owner

Bob D. Argento

Vice-President - Owner

Ezio Argento

Vice-President - Owner

Lee Gregory

Chris Rosen

Estimator/Project Coordinator

Kyle Gregory

Estimator/Project Coordinator

Gino Colabella

Purchasing Coordinator

Michel Dufresne

Materials and Equipment Coordinator

Danny Hamilton

Materials and Equipment Coordinator

Mary Bisaillon

Accounts Payable

Julie Allard


Chantal Boudreault

Customer Service / Administration

Alain Girard

Equipment and Vehicle Mechanic/Purchaser

Sorel Albu

Engineer/Project Manager

Mathieu Bedard

3D Landscape Modelling/Design

Ellen Rasnikoff

Landscape Architect

Katherine Groulx

Landscape Architect

Pool Division

Pierre Leblanc

Director - Pool Division

Jean-Philippe Labreche

Project Manager - Pool Division

Jean-Philippe Leblanc 

Project Foreman - Pool Division

Lynn D’Ortun

Customer Services - Pool Division