Groupe Paramount | Project 5 - Groupe Paramount

Project 5

A private hideaway in this Beaconsfield backyard is a perfect example of a landscape design with close ties to nature. The mature trees and hedge provide ample privacy, enclosing the space in its own world. The pond-like pool is all natural stone; it has no tile and the stone edging gives it an old-world feel, like a pool discovered from a bygone era. The gardens of brightly coloured flowers are a delight, set between the warm stone and the dark green hedge.

The proportions are perfect for the size and shape of the yard, leaving ample room poolside for lawn chairs and a delicious summer meal under the protective shade of the umbrella. The steps up to the house, along with the smaller terrace halfway between the house and the pool level, also seem to be left behind from a simpler time. The overall effect is natural and timeless tranquility.